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We are agents of consistency, order and beauty. Chaos is our raw material.

Icon We design digital products

We design digital products.

A digital product is a complex, living being. We know that better than anyone - we've spent years breathing life into inanimate PRDs and turning tissue-paper ideas and powerpoint slides into real, complete experiences so you can get to know them better.

We nurture digital products, bring personality to them, and build powerful consistency right into their DNA. When we design a product, it doesn't just go live - it lives on.

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Design Strategy

We help you not just with the how, but also with the why. Design and Business perform best when they go hand-in-hand. We work with business leaders to discuss and understand business decisions, and ensure they inform design at all times.

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Information Design

A product wears an interface but breathes information. We help design your information into logical structures that ensure the product is designed to be extensible and scalable. We are also good at visualising complex information wherever necessary.

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Experience & Interface Design

We translate business and user understanding into a detailed, concrete design of an application, right from wireframes to the final UI design. We iterate heavily, improving through repetition. We define behaviour, looks and personality for your product.

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User Research & Evaluation

Experienced in talking to users in the field, testing hypothesis and workflows, we help you stay in touch with your users through targeted research. This helps complete the loop and validate gut-based calls and bets that are placed when you build your product.

Working with And/Or Design is always a pleasure - they approach design with deep product understanding which is indispensable for complex products like Adobe Animate CC.

Ajay Shukla,
Sr Product Manager,
Adobe Systems

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We work with
incredible people

Siftr would not have been possible without And/Or Design. They ​bring in the perfect blend of product design, experience design and visual artistry. Their creations are very practical, usable, and incredibly pleasing to the eye, with no unnecessary fluff.

Romil Shukla

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Get in touch with us

A product you want tuned up, an idea you want fleshed out, or if you just need a creative perspective on something - we're all yours!