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We are a design agency based in Bangalore that specializes in user experience, branding and design research. We love complexity like a foodie loves a juicy burger - distilling everything down to its simple, core elements is more than a method we follow, it's second nature. Working closely with our clients, we go beyond helping solve their problem; we step back and help them define the problem itself. We've learnt over time that more often than not, every problem can be boiled down to simple choices. In the end, it comes down to duality. This and that. This or that. And/Or.

We'd love to hear from you if you need design solutions, ideas, or anything creative - or even if you just need a sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

Some of our awesome clients:


Between them, our partners have fourteen years of UX experience, two post-graduate degrees, five published papers, one grade A patent and a shared zeal for doing high quality work.


Previously the experience designer for Adobe Flash, Milind co-founded And/Or to work on independent projects. A post-graduate in Interaction Design from IIT Bombay, Milind has worked at Adobe, Samsung and Trine Games.


After several years in the industry, working in UX design & research roles at Samsung, Oracle and Intel, Pratibha co-founded And/Or. She has a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


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